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The Teaching Profession Book By Puritabilbao (2022)




his friend and dhikr The Director of Education for B'nai School District 166 in New Haven and Teacher of Religion The High School Principal of that institution of learning, the greatest human good he has ever had. And for my second post in this format, I would like to share with you a book I read last year that I think is incredibly powerful and informative. The Teaching Profession Book, written by Puritabilbao (Hindi for father purity) and his wife, Asma. The book teaches you about what it means to be a teacher in America. I highly recommend you to read it. If you are a teacher or a parent or someone who cares about the education of our children, this is a MUST-READ book. This is a book I found at the library and I started reading it right away. I was so surprised and shocked to read that many of the things I thought I knew, was not true. There were plenty of things that were news to me. The chapter that really surprised me was the chapter on standardized testing. I had thought that we already had them. I was wrong. The chapter on sex education was eye- opening as well. I was surprised to learn that there is no uniform standardized sex education program in American schools. The chapter on emergency disaster preparedness was incredible! I was not aware that the emergency services in America have NOT been standardized. It's so much easier to say that we're prepared for nuclear war than it is to say that we are prepared for any natural disaster, or earthquake, or hurricane. There are some really good points in this book. In the chapter about teaching English, Puritabilbao writes that "teaching English is much more than just teaching grammar, it is about teaching how to build a community." It was eye-opening to me. I have always taught that grammar is the most important thing to teach. Most of my subjects



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The Teaching Profession Book By Puritabilbao (2022)

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